Super Garlic Cabbage Salad / by Alex Boake

Now, if you made last week's recipe, Brown Butter Cabbage with Apple and Pecans, you would have been floating away with lovely rich flavours, lots of nutty butter, and sweet apple...and you would also be left with half a head of Cabbage in your fridge. I'm not one to leave people high and dry, so here's a completely different dish for you to make with your leftover Cabbage. My boyfriend Mike's Dad, taught me how to make this fresh and delicious salad! He says I make it very garlic-y, but, hey, I love garlic! I also got a request from a reader mentioning that they would like to see some of my work process in regards to my illustration, so I've included some of my sketches and preliminary work as a bonus. Check it out!

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Super Garlic Cabbage Salad Serves 4 to 5 as a side.


  • 1/2 Head of Cabbage
  • 1 Lemon
  • 3 to 6 Cloves of Garlic
  • 3 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 2 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
  • Generous amounts of Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper


Shred Cabbage finely, using a large knife. Make sure the pieces are not too large—cut them in half if the strands are too long. These will be raw in this salad, so you don't want them to be too large or too thick as that will negatively effect the final texture. Take the shredded Cabbage and place it in a large bowl, then set it aside.

In a small bowl, juice the Lemon, making sure to remove all the seeds. Then peel the cloves of Garlic, and using a press, crush them into the Lemon Juice. Add the Olive oil and Red Wine Vinegar to the bowl, and then add your seasonings. Mix together with the back of a fork, further crushing the Garlic, and letting all the flavours mingle. Take a quick taste, and then adjust the amounts of Olive Oil and Vinegar as you like—the measurements are more guidelines than hard and fast rules!

Take your delicious Garlic and Lemony dressing, and pour it into the large bowl with the shredded Cabbage. Toss together, and then check if all your shreds are nicely coated—you may need to add more Olive Oil or Red Wine Vinegar if your head of Cabbage was unusually large! This salad is best if it can be prepared a few hours in advance, just pop it into the fridge and let the flavours mingle. This dish is a great contrast to something rich and fatty like slow cooked Pulled Pork.

So, you've got your salad in the fridge, and your slow cooker is working away, so now let's look at some sketches!

Yup, this chicken-scratch is my thumbnail! Generally speaking, I draw the ingredients first, and then I decide on the composition. No matter what the final piece looks like, the ingredients are what they are! If it's something I've drawn before, I try to draw it in a new and interesting way.

 After I have the thumbnail scribbled, and all the ingredients fleshed out, I scan everything into the computer, and arrange them as I like. Then I separate everything out again, and turn it all blue. I print everything out from the computer, and then the inking begins! As you can see here, I decided that I was going to be stealing garlic from a previous piece...

Here's a peek at my work space, and my tools of the trade! I use a Pentel Brush Pen to get my line width variation, and some fine felt tips to get the uniform width lines. I print my sketches out in blue, and ink directly onto the printouts. Once I scan everything in, I drop out the blue, and just the nice clean lines are left! I do all my colouring in Photoshop.

That's all for now! I may post a more in-depth look into my colouring process, but I'll save it for a more complicated piece. Enjoy!