Deadly Horseradish Sauce / by Alex Boake

There's a fantastic little Fruit Market in the area where I work. The produce is great, and for a really tiny store, he carries a fantastic variety, including a great organic selection. I'll often pop in there and get some inspiration for a dish. The owner is always stocking interesting and unusual things...sometimes things I've never seen before! Recently I saw that he had a little sign on the door which read, "We are selling Fresh Horseradish!!!!" Now, my Dad and I love prepared Horseradish with our steak! However, commercial prepared Horseradish tends to contain all sorts of odd and unwanted ingredients. I figured it was fate calling me to make my own! Now, I will warn you...this is strong stuff! Don't try this without taking some precautions.

Deadly Horseradish Sauce

Ingredients 1 Fresh Horseradish Vinegar Sea Salt

Tools Fine Box Grater Ski Goggles Clean Glass Container

Directions Now, if you're all fancy and have a food processor that can shred or grate, then you can avoid risking life and limb for deliciously zippy Horseradish Sauce. However, making this by hand will clear out your sinuses like nothing else!  Actually I didn't really realize what I was getting into at first. This is STRONG stuff. Don't be like me...I didn't put on my ski goggles until tears were streaming down my face and I literally could not see. See, I do these things so that you don't have to. It was in the name of science.

SO, firstly, put on some eye and possibly mouth protection. Peel off the knobbly skin from the Horseradish. Once the skin is peeled you will be left with the spicy white innards, which you must then grate! You want it to be quite finely grated so that it has a nice texture. As you grate, periodically transfer the Horseradish to your clean jar, and sprinkle it with the Sea Salt. Once it is all grated, sprinkle with a little bit more Salt. Pour on the Vinegar until it is just covered, and then seal and refrigerate. You'll want to make this some time ahead of when you will be using it so that all the flavours can mingle.

Serve with some freshly grilled Steak! Yum!