Alex in the Flavour Studio / by Alex Boake

Hey everyone! I hope you've been enjoying all my recipes lately! Have to say, I know I have...they are pretty delicious. Also, they are fun to draw, too, so win/win for me. While I was grilling up some vegetables the other day, I was doing a little sketching, and this time I wasn't drawing food! This is pretty surprising, since lately my work has been pretty exclusively food-based. But, y'know, I've recently felt some little tickles of inspiration. So, I wanted to announce what may be a fairly occasional column as an addition to my regular recipe illustration postings. The Flavour Studio. They will be food and flavour inspired illustrations, that will not necessarily feature the ingredients exclusively. What does that mean? Well, you'll have to wait and see. For now I leave you this illustration of myself with some of my tools of the trade.

Until next time!