Grilled Salad Photoshoot / by Alex Boake

Let me confess that things have been extremely busy lately! I've been cooking a lot, of course, but the time for illustrating has been short. Fear not, I have some deliciousness coming your way very soon...but for now let me tempt you with a new iteration of previous recipe. I recently acquired a DSLR when my super cool photographer boyfriend, Mike Kowalek, upgraded his camera to the Nikon D800. Yes, I am now in possession of a very sweet Nikon D7000. Now, I'm not switching teams to the ways of the photographer, don't be too concerned. I still live and breathe illustration. But let me show you some photographs of one of my sexiest salads...The Grilled Salad with Herbes de Province!

Drooling yet? The recipe is linked above, so if the illustration didn't convince you to make this dish, perhaps these photographs will! Yum.