Organic Meadow / by Alex Boake

Lately, eating well has become very important to me--especially eating things that are minimally processed and contain no harmful ingredients or additives. If it's organic, that's even better! In a quest to find a source for high quality cream and other dairy products that contain no carrageenan, corn starch or other such nonsense, I was extremely happy to happen upon Organic Meadow! Organic Meadow is a Ontario based, farmer-owned co-operative that produces amazingly delicious and fantastically good-for-you organic products. I'd gotten used to my coffee black, but let me tell you, their Organic Half and Half is delightful. (Not to mention the Organic Whipping Cream...) Let me tell you--when your cream has only one ingredient and it happens to be know you're making the right choice. So, I put together a little illustration to show my love; as a tribute to their great products and inspiring company vision.

Now, if your local grocery store doesn't carry them, just fill out a product request form [PDF]! What are you waiting for? Yum!