Friday Foodle: Fig / by Alex Boake

It's that time of the week again! Yup, it's another food doodle for your viewing pleasure! The first week I just picked what I wanted, but last week and this week I asked for peoples' favourite fruits over on my Facebook Page and then I picked from the responses. This seems to be fun for all parties involved, so I'll probably make it a tradition, unless I have something in mind. Basically: if you happen to visit my page on a Friday night and supply me with a response, I might just draw your suggestion! This week it's Karen's favourite, the fig! An illustrated fig to delight your eyeballs! I do like figs myself, but I find their soft fleshy peel to be a little disturbing. They sure are pretty, though.

Soon I'll be finishing up a major project I've been working on that's been taking my time away from my personal work, so you should be seeing more recipes from me fairly shortly. Until then, please enjoy these humble doodles, and stop by my page to make your suggestions. Next week it might be your favourite fruit! Happy Friday!