Product Review: Caveman Cookies / by Alex Boake

Those of you who follow me over on my Facebook Page know that I'm always cruising for cool packaging and food design. I post the best of what I find so I can share the awesomeness with you! Not everything is Real Food friendly, but if the design is great, then I post it anyway. I don't discriminate when I am just ogling the packaging. Now, the other day I stumbled upon a product that had wicked packaging AND friendly ingredients. It was a little company that was producing what they call Caveman Cookies, which are gluten-free and made from all natural ingredients. When I found out that they shipped to Canada, I decided I'd try them out and do a review.  Their mascot is super cute, too! I'm not sure what his bottom half actually looks like, but he's pretty fuzzy up top, so I just connected the dots. ; P

They have four flavours: Original, Tropical, Rainforest and Alpine. Original is made with honey, almond flour, walnuts, raisins, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Tropical is made with almond flour, honey, unsulfured coconut, macadamia nuts, and ginger. Rainforest is made with honey, almond meal, brazil nut meal, chopped almonds, dried cherries, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper. Alpine is made from honey, hazelnut flour, almond flour, and carob.

I was surprised that each cookie comes individually wrapped, but it does make it really convenient to grab and go, or toss one into a lunch for a snack. They are chewy cookies, and they are quite sweet. I suspect that some might find them overly sweet, but they are small enough that it's not overwhelming at all. The chew that I mentioned is great, and overall they have an interesting texture. My top flavour picks are the Alpine and the Original. I wasn't a huge fan of Rainforest, the balance of the flavours was off for me. Tropical was solid, but I wouldn't pick it first if offered a selection.

Overall I found the Caveman Cookies to be a very tasty treat! I could see them being a great supplement for kid lunches, for busy parents who don't have time to bake all the time, and might need something in a pinch. The individual wrapping makes them seem like a 'regular snack' as well, although the ingredients are anything but your average off-the-shelf junk. I'd definitely recommend both the Alpine and the Original!

They just so happen to be having a Valentine's sale on right now! Save 20% on your order with the code "Valentine". Check 'em out!