Friday Foodle: Grapefruit / by Alex Boake

Oh my goodness it's Friday again! Hooray! The week is almost over! I'm super excited this week because on Saturday my Mom and I are leaving for Greece! You can tell my excitement from the amount of exclamation marks. There won't be a Friday Foodle next week, sorry...but I drew you a delicious Grapefruit for today. Actually, I broadcasted my creation of this piece live!  Most likely I will do this each Thursday evening when I create each new piece. My channel is over here, and you can watch the archived video if you missed out. Skip to 20 minutes in where the actual drawing starts, and skip around to get to the good parts. Spoilers: I draw a Grapefruit!

I'll be sure to announce the timing of my next stream, and hopefully you will be able to pop in and chat. Happy Friday everyone, and have a great weekend!