Liz Wolfe Rocks! Cave Girl Eats Illustrations / by Alex Boake

I have a lot of really great clients, and I feel super lucky to be able to get to know people through social media, and that people think of little old me when they need some sort of illustration done. One of my extremely cool clients is Liz Wolfe, who is the super funny gal behind the website Cave Girl Eats! I've been lucky enough to do a number of illustrations for Liz, which started way back with the temporary cover I did for her upcoming book, Modern Cave Girl.

Personally, I think I've gotten much better at drawing her cave girl persona, but the above image is at least a year and a half old at this point.

Most of these illustrations were for advertisements for various bundles, which are now over, so I've removed the type as it's no longer relevant. Hope you enjoy this look at some of the work I've done for Liz!

If you're familiar with Liz, you obviously know that she does a fantastic podcast over at Balanced Bites! If you somehow haven't heard it yet, definitely take the time to check it out.

Skin troubles? Look no further than the Skintervention Guide!

I also can't forget to mention the cool series of shirts I designed under her direction, the Real Food Love apparel! Check our her store to see all the designs and perhaps purchase some?!

Recently Liz has begun her homesteading adventures, and you can follow her on Facebook or Instagram to get the latest scoop on what animal is eating whose poop, and what her adorable goats are climbing on.

 Here's a funky chicken to see you off. Until next time!