Spring Comic Jam: Blueberry Battle by Alex Boake

Look, I know I try and be pretty professional, but when you get a couple of comic artists in the same room and give them a couple of drinks, things get a little crazy! I'm lucky that I ended up with the most PG comic jam in MY sketchbook, so here it is for your viewing pleasure(??)! The basic premise is that each person draws a panel and then you switch and so on and so forth until it's done-ish! There are some rules, but I can't mention them here (Hi Mom!) and we break them anyway (but not in this comic). This jam was with Frances, Ben and Kristi! The best. If you can figure out who did which panel you win a prize*.

*The prize is my eternal admiration for your super sleuth skills!

Pip Goes To Market! A Three Goats Tuff Tale by Alex Boake

Well, I'm still on the other side of the ocean, slacking off, seeing amazing things and eating good food. I know, I am a terrible person! But, I am trying to redeem myself. Here's a small mini-book that I self published late last year, that hasn't been shown in its entirety online until now! It features Pip, a little goat with a love for farmer's markets, stamps and eating unusual things.

Now, remember kids! Treats should be enjoyed with restraint--much like purchasing new boots and collecting things like stamps. Here are some treats that I have bookmarked that I want to try out very soon, perhaps for my birthday treat this month!

Monument Chocolate Pie by TGIPaleo Chevre Cheesecake by Jan's Sushi Bar Primal Chocolate Ganache Tart by Macnifique Pumpkin Pucks by Paleo Parents Dark Chocolate Cake by The Food Lovers Primal Palate

So many delicious ideas, the only trouble is choosing one... I'll see you guys soon! As fun as traveling is, I'm itching to be back in my kitchen and in my studio, cooking and drawing up a storm.