Friday Foodle

Paleo f(x) 2013 Recap and Friday Foodle: Cherry by Alex Boake

Well I'm back from my first ever Paleo Conference. Yes, I went to Paleo f(x) 2013 and it was extremely awesome! It was in Austin, which is a super excellent city, with plenty of great food and friendly people. Meeting all of the cool bloggers in the Paleosphere was kind of mind blowing, I must admit. My roommate was the fabulous Kaila, of In My Skinny Genes! It was great to have a cheerful person to share a room with. Mostly I hung out with Russ the genius behind The Domestic Man and the ever friendly Tony who blogs at Fitness in an Evolutionary Direction. Very awesome dudes!! Letting little old me hang out with them, haha.

I also chilled with Stacy and Matt, The Paleo Parents, and occasionally Josh who is the Paleo Rapper, Slim-P*. Over the weekend I got to meet, for the first time, in person, all the most badass bloggers: The Food Lovers, Balanced BitesThe Urban Poser, Against All Grain, Civilized Caveman, FreeRange Human, Stephani Ruper, Ancestral ChefThe Spunky Coconut, and the incomparable Nom Nom Paleo, Fitbomb and family. I even got to have dinner with Paul Jaminet, author of The Perfect Health Diet! He is a very humble and gracious fellow, I appreciate his book so much! Please forgive me if you were overlooked, it all happened so fast!

It was a weekend chock full of learning new information, all crammed in between hilarious conversations and mouth-watering food. (Can we say smoked brisket and grass-fed ice cream?) I'd definitely go back again, and I am seriously considering attending AHS this summer as well...

Anyway, you're not here to hear me gush about meeting famous bloggers, you're here for illustrations! That's my job, right?! Here's my favourite fruit, the cherry! When I went to Vancouver in the summer last year I was eating them by the pound. NO REGRETS!! I think white cherries are the tastiest, but I'll take them all.

Thanks for dropping by! Happy Friday!!

*Disclaimer: He may or may not be a rapper.

Friday Foodle: Lychee by Alex Boake

Well, I've been very distracted with gallivanting around the globe this month, and my blog has fallen a bit behind. I even missed my Friday Foodle while I was away in Greece eating lots of potatoes and yogurt. Blasphemy!! In any case, I've returned refreshed and inspired to do a lot of cooking and creating. You will be seeing some Greek recipes on this blog very soon... Last night I did a birthday live cast! Well, I mean I did a live cast and it just so happened to be my birthday. I'm 25 now, the pressure is on! Time to make something of myself! Ahem. Here's the illustrated Lychee fruit for your viewing pleasure. I'm also quite pleased with how my hand-rendered typography turned out!

Next week I'm in Austin for Paleo f(x), so I am doubtful of any fruity updates, but we'll see!! Take care, and Happy Friday~

Friday Foodle: Grapefruit by Alex Boake

Oh my goodness it's Friday again! Hooray! The week is almost over! I'm super excited this week because on Saturday my Mom and I are leaving for Greece! You can tell my excitement from the amount of exclamation marks. There won't be a Friday Foodle next week, sorry...but I drew you a delicious Grapefruit for today. Actually, I broadcasted my creation of this piece live!  Most likely I will do this each Thursday evening when I create each new piece. My channel is over here, and you can watch the archived video if you missed out. Skip to 20 minutes in where the actual drawing starts, and skip around to get to the good parts. Spoilers: I draw a Grapefruit!

I'll be sure to announce the timing of my next stream, and hopefully you will be able to pop in and chat. Happy Friday everyone, and have a great weekend!


Friday Foodle: Chirimoya by Alex Boake

It's been far too long, my friends, but I'm back with another Friday Foodle! This was another fan suggestion, and it is just so COOL looking that I couldn't resist. To me, it is reminiscent of a dragon egg...or at least what I would imagine one might look like. I will admit I never tasted one, but I wouldn't turn down a bite if I had the chance.

I deeply apologize for the lack of recipes lately! Soon I'll have some coming your way, just wait and see. Happy Friday!

Friday Foodle: Watermelon by Alex Boake

My quest to draw all the fruit continues! It's the wateriest melon...the Watermelon! Also, pretty much the only melon I like. Sorry Honeydew and suck! If there's a fruit tray at a party I will demolish the Pineapple and Watermelon unless someone stops me. YUM! Happy Friday! Join me again next week for MOAR FRUIT.

Friday Foodle: Dragonfruit by Alex Boake

Friday again?! Where does the week go?? I managed to squeak in another Friday Foodle for you guys. Nikki has been requesting this tasty treat over on my Facebook Page ever since I started asking for suggestions, so I decided it was time to make her dreams come true!

Actually, Dragonfruit, also known as Pitaya, really reminds me of Kiwi in texture. Which is a coincidence because that's what I drew last week! This is actually the third Dragonfruit I've drawn. The first was for my Dragon Eye Salad, and the second had a smiley face on it! Yum! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Friday Foodle: Kiwi by Alex Boake

Yes I'm back again! Bet you thought I'd have given up already! Nope, this is one resolution I'm keeping. I cheated a bit this week in the sense that I asked for new suggestions and then went with my second choice from the previous week's suggestions. It's Tim's Kiwi today! Exciting!

Another illustrated fruit, just for you guys. In case you're wondering why I picked fruit, it's because I seldom eat it, so I don't have much cause to illustrate it for my recipes. It's so pretty, though!

Wishing you the happiest of Fridays!

Friday Foodle: Fig by Alex Boake

It's that time of the week again! Yup, it's another food doodle for your viewing pleasure! The first week I just picked what I wanted, but last week and this week I asked for peoples' favourite fruits over on my Facebook Page and then I picked from the responses. This seems to be fun for all parties involved, so I'll probably make it a tradition, unless I have something in mind. Basically: if you happen to visit my page on a Friday night and supply me with a response, I might just draw your suggestion! This week it's Karen's favourite, the fig! An illustrated fig to delight your eyeballs! I do like figs myself, but I find their soft fleshy peel to be a little disturbing. They sure are pretty, though.

Soon I'll be finishing up a major project I've been working on that's been taking my time away from my personal work, so you should be seeing more recipes from me fairly shortly. Until then, please enjoy these humble doodles, and stop by my page to make your suggestions. Next week it might be your favourite fruit! Happy Friday!

Friday Foodle: Satsuma by Alex Boake

I've always been one of those kids who does their homework at the last possible second. Yesterday night I remembered that I was going to do this weekly, and put out an emergency call for suggestions on my Facebook Page. I had some interesting suggestions for favourite fruits, including George Takei...but ultimately I went with Bill of Primal Palate fame's suggestion of Satsuma.

Enjoy! Happy Friday!

Friday Foodle: Red Pepper by Alex Boake

For 2013 I'm introducing a new feature: Friday Foodles. They're doodles of food and I will be posting them on Fridays--hopefully every week! Compared to my recipe illustrations they might be underwhelming, but it's been tough to dedicate the time to full recipe posts, so I'm hoping this will keep me from getting rusty, and will spark me to increase the recipe flow. They might be pencil sketches at worst, and at best they may be mini watercolour paintings. Only time will tell! This week: Red Pepper

Happy Friday! ...and be sure to enter my CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY!