Commission Information


Looking for Sweet Character Art? Commission Me!

Commission Status: Open!

I’m available for personal illustration commissions for your D&D or original characters. Specializing in portraits or full body images. Able to work from written descriptions! Price reduction available for providing your own reference images for look, clothing style, hairstyles, etc. Please completely read my work process below for rules about changes and edits.

You can find my basic menu of options here, but feel free to contact me if you have something in mind and I can provide a quote for you. Listed prices are per character.


Can do!

  • Dungeons and Dragons Characters

  • Original Characters

  • Animal features, Horns, Tails, etc.

  • Tieflings

  • Couples

Not really my wheelhouse…

  • NSFW

  • Mecha

  • Extremely Complicated Armour

  • Complicated Backgrounds

Gallery above, click on the right image to scroll.

Work Process for Full Colour Commissions

  • Contact me through email with your character description and relevant reference images. I will confirm the price and approve the project. Extra details and features may increase the price. (ex. elaborate weapons, familiars, etc.)

  • Invoice will be sent through email. Payment through PayPal only, please.

  • Initial sketch will be sent to you for feedback and approval. Any and all changes should be requested at this stage. Pose cannot be changed at a later stage.

  • Inks and flat colours will be sent for approval. Only minor changes at this stage.

  • Final art files will be emailed to you, including a web and high-resolution file for your personal use.

Information to Include:

Your Username (Twitter, Instragram, etc. handle)
Character’s Name
Character’s Gender/Pronouns
Age and Height
Body Type
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Skin Tone/Complexion
Special Markings
Any other notable body features (ear type, tail, fangs, etc.)
Personality Traits
Requested Pose (or Artist’s Choice)
Clothing and Personal Style
Weapons and Accessories

Thank you for your interest and your support!